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Vande Bharat Express' trial conducted in ahmedabad,Know about this train

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 Vande Bharat Express' trial conducted in ahmedabad,Know about this train

Now the people of Ahmedabad will reach Mumbai in just 6 hours, India's glory 'Vande Bharat Express' has been trialled. 'Vande Bharat Express' trial conducted in Ahmedabad, Know about this train 

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Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India has been struggling to become self-reliant for the last several years, now another achievement has been achieved in the form of Vande Bharat Express, which is completely made in India.

Vande Bharat Express Trial Run

Ahmedabad: Semi high speed Vande Bharat Express train will be running soon. This train running between Ahmedabad and Mumbai has been trialled. Today, the first full length trial was conducted between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. It is estimated that soon people will also get its benefits. This train running at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour will reach Ahmedabad-Mumbai in just 6 hours. Vande Bharat Express is built with fully indigenous technology. As per the current timetable, Vande Bharat Express will run 6 days in a week. Which will take off from Ahmedabad at 7.25 am and reach Mumbai at 1.30 pm. While this train will depart from Mumbai at 14.40 hours in the afternoon and reach Ahmedabad at 21.05 hours at night. This train will have commercial stoppage at Vadodara and Surat. This train will cover the distance of 491 km between Ahmedabad and Mumbai in 6 to 6.25 hours.

A trial run of the Vande Bharat Express train with many features has been started between Ahmedabad and Mumbai (Ahmedabad-mumbai). After the change of central government in the year 2014, one of the biggest changes in the department is the railway department. Vande Bharat Express is also known as T-18, which was completed in just 18 months and completely made in India.

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The best example of self-reliant India is 'Vande Bharat'.

In which one vault was operated at Vadodara and then directly at Mumbai Central (Mumbai). A few days ago Union rail minister Ashwini Vaishnav also shared a video of the speed of this train on social media and said that self-reliant India The best example is Vande Bharat… In this video, the train is seen running at a speed of 180 km per hour. Vande Bharat Express is also known as T-18, which was completed in just 18 months and completely built in India.

This train is equipped with many facilities

While the number of passengers traveling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and Mumbai to Ahmedabad has increased significantly in the last few years, connectivity between these two cities is being increased in different ways as per time and need. After the start of Vande Bharat Express, Ahmedabadites will be able to reach Mumbai in just six hours. If we talk in detail, Vande Bharat train has 16 coaches in total, the special feature of this train is that the seat of this train can rotate up to 180 degrees and semi-automatic full air condition. (AC) equipped train has many facilities.

The train, which is completely built in Chennai, India, has been running on two routes previously, but the Vande Bharat Express has undergone some changes and improvements, especially between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. On the other hand, when Gujarat is constantly filling the gap in many sectors, the new platform of Vande Bharat Express will increase the power of Gujarat and especially the railway department.

Features of Vande Bharat Express
  • This train with a total of 16 coaches will take less time than the normal Shatabdi train
  • There will be two upper class compartments in the middle of the train and each will have 52 seats
  • While a normal coach will have 78 seats
  • A total of 1,128 passengers can travel in the train
  • Vande Bharat Express has a maximum speed of 180 kmph
  • Vande Bharat Express features GPS, different types of lights, automatic doors and CCTV
  • The train is equipped with facilities like Wi-Fi, AC, individual charging sockets

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