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What are angel numbers? Beginner's guide to angel numbers and what they (could) mean.


What are angel numbers? Beginner's guide to angel numbers and what they (could) mean.

Every time you look at a clock, do you always see the same time, whether it be11:11 or 3:33? Maybe these repeating numbers make their way into other facets of your life, including your latest receipt which totaled $22.22

While these may appear to be mere coincidences to some, for others these numbers are no accident. Commonly called angel numbers, these repeating numeric sequences are often taken as signs for confirmation and directionality. 

But what do angel numbers mean and what do they tell and teach us? Here is a quick history and introduction into the basics of angel numbers to you started on your numerological journey.

What are angel numbers? 

Angel numbers are repeating number sequences, often used as a guide for deeper spiritual exploration. These sequences can range from 000 to 999, and each has its own distinct meaning and energy. 

"Most of what I see is that they bring confirmation and empowerment," said Novalee Wilder, professional numerologist. "I think lots of people are looking for signs. But sometimes, there's like a fork in the road." 

Seeing angel numbers can signify "green lights" toward whatever path you are taking, whether it be in relationships, job opportunities or other life occurrences. 

In numerology, patterns always come in sets of three, and the more repetition of a number, the better. "Whenever we see one number repeated more than once, the more it gets repeated, the stronger it gets," said Wilder. 

So, if you see your angel number three times in a row, this could give you the push to apply for a new job or put yourself back out into the dating world. 

If numbers start showing up, it's like empowerment, confirmation," said Wilder. "We're like, 'OK, I'm in the flow. I'm aligned, I feel empowered.'" 

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What is numerology? 

Numerology is an ancient esoteric science that deals with numbers and letters and the energy, intention and vibration behind them, said Wilder. 

"Before there was even language, there were numbers," she said. "Before we had named things, we had counted them, and we had assigned meaning to that count." 

In short, numerology is a system in which numbers and letters have symbolic or mystical meanings. There are many different schools of numerology, including Pythagorean system and Chaldean method.

Wilder, who uses Chaldean numerology, said most esoteric sciences or spiritual fields, such as palm reading or astrology, are based in numerology. Astrological signs derive from the numbers pertaining to your birthdate and time. While enneagrams assign personality types and traits depending on which number, from one to nine, someone is. 

"You will see at the bases, there is a system of numbers," Wilder said. "We identify it like, 'You're this number in the sequence.'" 

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What is my angel number? 

There is no test or answer for what your specific angel number is since they are personal. Numerology is subjective, so if you see a number in repetition frequently, that very well could be your angel number. 

Additionally, it does not always have to be numerals, Wilder said. Sometimes symbols or objects you identify or associate with, such as a flower or animal, can be taken as a sign.

The way to find your angel number is just to take note of the repeating numbers in your life. Once you start to pay more attention to them, the angel numbers can help open up your intuition, said Wilder. 

"Lots of people have a favorite number or a lucky number. It all boils down to if feels right," she said. 

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Why do I keep seeing angel numbers? 

From receipts, license plates, clocks, bank statements and invoices, angel numbers can be found just about anywhere. Since angel numbers appear in most places within everyday life, this can be seen as the spiritual universe guiding you toward something or giving you support that you're on the right path. 

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