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Subject - Name of the creator of Social Science Planning - Diptiben Joshi F |  Unit Remarks of the Unit are decisions to achieve inclusion in the unit Complete unit Planning to achieve inclusion in the unit (Usage / Technique) Activity to be done in the unit Experiment Order Name Name Achievement to be included in the unit Useful for project work  5 S First material uTLM lamination card of objective questions and youtube audio, freedom fighters' freedom struggle 1. Tanhaji, Manikarnika, Mangal Pandey film screening 2. e.  Q.  Organizing a discussion on the reasons for the emergence of the freedom struggle of 1857, 3. A discussion on the reasons for the failure of the freedom struggle of 1857 and quiz pictures, Gujarat 1. Get information about how the freedom struggle against the British rule in India started and how it spread.  Is.  2. Will be able to review the reasons for the failure of the freedom struggle of 1857 and state the results.  3 students  Understands the nature of the War of 1857.  807 1, drawing a map of the places where the battle took place in India, obtaining reference information from the library about the fighters who took part in the battle.  2. Singing and competition of patriotic songs in the classroom, 3. Acting based on the lives of freedom fighters.  4. To draw pictures of every freedom fighter in a notebook and a map of India

Unit Std-8 Unit Sequence Name Unit Complete Lesson Planning Subject - Inclusion in Social Science Unit Planning to make a decision to achieve a decision (Prayuktipravritti Pravidhi) Name of the Planner - Diptiben Joshi Unit in Unit.  Remarked content in the unit Estimated days for utilization of the project Experiment Content Kus project work conclusion achievement Material uTLM.  1 India 7 Current world map of Europeans and English rule, photos of different peoples, judiciary and home use pepper - masala, 1. Knows the reasons for arrival of European people in India.  2. Students become acquainted with the structure of the British administration of the British rule, 3. They become aware of how the British were able to establish institutions in India from the merchants.  Students understand the effects of the Mysore War and the consequences of the Maratha War.  Police Information 1. Famous things of India of that time can be shown face to face.  2. Discussions can be organized about the arrival of different European peoples and their impact on India.  .  By bringing different Hindi films, information can be given about the European people and their deeds as well as information about the conflicts.  1, Playing a game on how to find a new waterway 2. Activity of showing the waterways of India in the world map.  3 A Comparative Study of the Battle of Plassey and Buxar 4 A chart with photos of the information of 4 different European peoples can be made.  5. इ.स.  1773 to AD  List of names of Governor Generals who ruled India as a British Company until 1856.  Visit the court and show the police station to give spicy, dried nuts directly

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