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For the students studying in the primary school of Gujarat, continuous and comprehensive assessment is done by the government. The evaluation system has been introduced by the government so that the children can be evaluated continuously. 

 Various forms are prepared by the teacher for the continuous evaluation of the children. Various forms are filled by the teacher in a timely manner through various evaluations.  This is known as the study decision number. The study decision taken by the child is determined on the basis of the evaluation.

Unit test is organized for students of standard 3 to 8 studying.  Children are assessed on the basis of unit test assessment as well as various activities taking place in the school during the year.  Form A is filled out during this assessment of children.  Form A shows the various study findings. 
The study findings and Form A of the standard 8 science subject are given. It will be very easy for all the students and teacher friends to evaluate the study results and the letter in the students based on these study findings.

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