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Embarrassing Questions for Assessing Learning at Home in June and July

 How to collectively evaluate a class?
 How do you evaluate all children collectively?
 How to calculate students' grades?

Unlock: From July 29, Std.  Tests 3 to 8 will be taken at home

 Mathematics and Gujarati subject two-two test will be taken at 25-25 marks, one hour duration

 A home-based study program for students during the Corona epidemic is underway and books and learning at home literature and planning-based e-learning literature have been implemented for students.  Now in all government, grant aided and self-reliant primary schools of the state.  Periodic assessment test will be taken for students from 3rd to 8th.  Std.  Gujarati First Language and Mathematics subject test in 3rd to 8th will be taken between 29th and 30th July.  The test literature should reach the students by July 28.

 The first and second chapters of Gujarati and Mathematics will be in the syllabus of this assessment test.  This periodic test will be of 25 marks and its duration will be a maximum of one hour.  Each test will have five main questions of five marks each.  Tests will be prepared based on learning outcomes.  Students will have to arrange for the test paper by the schools and give the individual print out of the test.  It will be necessary to deliver the print at home to the student through that school.
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The question papers of this test are expected to be written at home under the supervision of the parent so that the real progress of the student is known.  The question paper should reach the students by 28th July. It is desirable that the answer script of the test should be delivered to the school by 31st July.

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